Unique wine accessories on CROWDYHOUSE

For wine fanatics, it is very important to find the right tools and accessories for them. And even if you are not a fanatic, but keep some bottles from time to time at your home, then the unique wine accessories that CROWDYHOUSE offers is definitely something you would want to look into. Wine coolers, servers, openers, holders – whatever you are looking for, we hope you can find on CROWDYHOUSE. Invite your friends for drinks and cool your wine in this HAT WINECOOLER EPP, or drink wine with your significant other and store it with the glasses in the WINE AND GLASS RACK. A filled wine rack will always bring a great atmosphere with it, letting your company see that there’s something available to enjoy later.

Designer Spotlight: Lente Label – Unique wine accessories

Lente label is a collaboration between designers Louise Kruf & Iris Boshoven. They investigate the qualities and opportunities of the specific material and try to make it visible for everyone else. This leads to clear and to-the-point products. The Balanced wine rack black is all about balance, the shape of the rack is designed to keep the bottles in balance while playing with gravity. The metal supports have been placed at strategic balance points based on the shape of red wine bottles. The rack is solid with beautiful lines and no unnecessary additions. It takes just two screws to hang the Balanced on your wall. If you are looking for others amazing ideas, have a look of our unique wine accessories collection.

The best unique wine accessories brands on CROWDYHOUSE

The designers displayed at CROWDYHOUSE offer a variety of unique wine accessories that will make you look like a total wine professional. For a large collection, check out the VINCENT 12 by Juneseven, a Dutch made, rotating design wine rack and side table in on. But more than that, it is a sign of your hospitality and generosity. A host who does not hide their wines, but shows shares them with a grand surprising gesture. Also, the Concrete Wine Cooler by Specimen, is another great wine storage to have at your home. Make sure to check out the rest of our collection of unique wine accessories.

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Unique wine accessories on CROWDYHOUSE