Unique rugs & mats on CROWDYHOUSE 

Rugs & Mats are a great decoration for your home. What a better way to showcase your love for design than by choosing one of CROWDYHOUSE’s unique area rugs and mats? Be it wool, round or area rugs, your house will thank you. Sometimes, all you need in order to change the atmosphere and style of your room is this home design accessory. Our designers have crafted some of the most unique area rugs and mats. They creatively balance innovative design with home comfort. Quality carpeting, runners, tapestries and throw rugs enhance the interior of your home. Decorate your home with Kisses’ modern statement rug. It allows for switchable and versatile accent colours. Dress up your floors with the detailed textured water lily throw rug. It will bring a touch of nature in your home. Start preparing your feet for the comfort of design products.

Designer Spotlight: EVELIEN LULOFS – Unique area rugs and mats

Evelien Lulofs is a Dutch designer specializing in wool products. She makes several rugs and her designs are typically modern and stylish. The Kisses Felt rug is comfortable and perfectly suitable for a stylish home, office, or any other interior. Change the colour of the X’s and get a completely different look! And to have the best of both worlds: the rug is water and dirt repellant. It makes it very easy to clean such a beautiful design. They come in different sizes and shapes. Check the KISSES SMALL FELT ROUND RUG for example.

The best unique area rugs and mats brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Here at CROWDYHOUSE we have some of the best brands for unique area rugs and mats. VIVIDGREY combined sophisticated simplicity with the imagination of a child to develop pieces that will be loved by all generations. The WATER LILY RUG is inspired by nature, made of organic linen and padded with pure organic cotton sourced from an Indian fair trade cooperative.

HAWKE & THORN is another great brand for unique area rugs and mats on CROWDYHOUSE. It is a German brand focusing on producing luxurious products made out of authentic materials like wood, cotton and soy. The WOVEN RUG is a pure cotton woven heathered area rugs that make the perfect floor covering. Essential to warm up and soften your space, these rugs feel luxurious under foot.

Last but not least, ILARIA.I is a brand for household products designed and produced in Italy. Feel her interest in craftsmanship and decoration. She gives life to a new kind of expression and limited edition design. The TP 2014 HANDMADE COTTON CARPET is made retracing the Sardinian handicraft technique. The decoration shows the freshness of the freehand stroke, interpreted by the skilful hands of the craftsman. For more designs for unique area rugs and mats, make sure to look at the entire collection on CROWDYHOUSE.

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Unique area rugs and mats on CROWDYHOUSE