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Here you will find the most creative lifestyle designs from our very best designers of Europe. We all live different lifestyles. This is why CROWDYHOUSE is home to a varying range of unique designs. Do you love the outdoors or prefer spending your free time spoiling your pets? In both ways, you will find what you need on CROWDYHOUSE. Perhaps you are the more tech savvy kind and you look for that perfect smartphone accessory. You should take a look at our unique range on tech accessories. Picking the right lifestyle design is an important thing. Our lifestyle collections include: Outdoor LivingPetsPlayTech and Book & Stationaries.

Designer Spotlight: Vincent Bos Ontwerpen – Unique lifestyle designs

Vincent Forest is a Dutch designer based in Utrecht. He wants his products to have an effect on the awareness of the user. The products are to him a way to let people watch in a different way. Vincent focused his work on the urban man and his environment. If you are an animal lover, you will appreciate the Wall Elements Porcelain Oak Birdhouse and the Wall Elements Wooden Birdhouse. This piece is designed to bring nature and the elements back to the urban man. For this collection, Vincent Bos, used natural materials such as oak and porcelain. Discover our wide collection of lifestyle designs on CROWDYHOUSE! You will love them!

The best lifestyle designs brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Discover on CROWDYHOUSE the best lifestyle design brands! WellDone Dobre Rzeczy is a Polish design brand. Their products are manufactured by the ”Be Together” Foundation and are made from natural materials. They were designed by young designers and are now being produced by people returning to the labour market. Individuals are involved in every stage of their development, from design to manufacture. People receiving assistance from the Foundation participate in the creation of each single product. The foundation provides support to social enterprises, social cooperatives, social benefit organisations and NGOs. Make sure to check out their store!

Ecotono is a design brand based in Italy. The word ‘ecotone’ was coined from a eco(logy) and -tone, from the Greek tonos or tension. We live in transition hanging between past and future but always aiming at progress. We are closely linked to objects of our everyday life. At the same we are also always looking for new stuff to improve our time and our feelings. Ecotono’s idea is to give a new term of usability to our design objects. The secret of all Ecotono items is the multifunctionality. The concept grows up from the awareness that in the world of design there is a lack of usability. Ecotono purpose is to fill this gap. Discover their amplifiers on CROWDYHOUSE!

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Lifestyle Designs on CROWDYHOUSE