Unique Stationery Items in Your Home

Here at CROWDYHOUSE we curated some of the most unique stationery items for your house or office. Organize your paperwork with these Metal Paperclips by German design label Fundamental Berlin. If you need something bigger to place your documents, try the Adobe Terracotta Document Tray by Ilaria.i design. If you want to save space and have the conveniences of storing things, try the Chair Wear HAIR WEAR BIG BAGGY by Bernotat&Co. It has eight pockets, handy loops for a headset and pens, and a cushion! If you are looking for a purposeful decoration for your desk, the Myllymaki Multifunctional Design might be just right. It doesn’t matter what style you are looking for or for which purpose, when it comes to books and stationery, CROWDYHOUSE has some of the best. Keep browsing to find out!

Spotlight: ByShop : Unique Stationery Items

ByShop is a British brand known for its simple clocks and stationery items. Aligning with fast-moving fashion and colour trends, the brand responds with seasonal collections that are distinctive, adaptable and current. If you are one that likes to keep track of time, the various table clocks, such as the Standard ½ Steel Clock, might be what you’re missing in your desk. Otherwise, the Europe Birch Wood Bookend, the C6 Steel Letter Rack, and the Super Long Pencil Placer make for some great, unique stationery items for your desk.

 Best Unique Stationery Items brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Studio Isabel Quiroga is a Dutch brand that focuses on creating innovative products combined with practical functionality. Some of the most unique stationery items available are her back to basic lamps, which are not only lamps for your desk, but have also stationery items such as notepads, pen holders and organizers. HURLU is another brand with very unique stationery items. This French brand make both cute and useful products that will light up your desk. The Wooden Cardholder and Wooden BEC Ruler Set Square are some of the most famous ones. The list of designers that offer unique stationery items is endless! Make sure you browse through our entire collection of books and stationery to find the perfect design you are looking for.

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Unique stationery items on CROWDYHOUSE