Designer pet accessories for your home

Even our pets deserve to be spoiled a little for their companionship to us. Here on CROWDYHOUSE we have a fantastic range of designer pet accessories. For all the dog lovers out there, we have the Dog on Design Dog Bed that brings together practical features and the wish to use the dog bed as part of your interior. It is good for your dog, sleeping elevated from the floor, not affected by warmth or cold coming from the ground. The stretched canvas offers enough comfort for the dog to sleep without extra cushions and wakes up well rested after laying down for a few hours without any sore muscles. On CROWDYHOUSE you can discover our wide list designer pet accessories for your animal! You will love them!

Spotlight : Arcnorm – Unique designer pet accessories

Arcnorm originate from Bursa in Turkey. They produce many sustainable designs, using the locally sourced wooden materials. Using solid American pine wood, they designed the pet feeder bowl 01 and Pet feeder bowl 04. The wooden platform combined with the metal bowls provide an elegant pet feeder whose dark colours will be the perfect dining table for your pets. In addition to this, Arcnorm have the Dog cottage, a wooden kennel that will provide a cosy home for your pets. Its 95x86x126 fame means that it can fit large animals while still being able to be placed inside your home or in your garden. All of acnorm designer pet accessories are suitable for a variety of domestic animals. Arcnorm have many more wooden designs available on Crowdyhouse that you can see here.

Designer pet accessories brands on CROWDYHOUSE

On CROWDYHOUSE you can choose between the best pieces of design for your animal and for your home! Design for Pussies is a brand based in Belgium, the graphic designer Delphine Courier thought at your cat when she developed the Catcube Cat House! Black Velvet is an Estonian Brand that designs Nordic style furniture and supplies for cats. Their aim is to offer cat owners quality products with a unique, minimalistic design, that are loved both by pets and their owners. Bruusc is a Dutch design brand; All their products are designed, developed and handcrafted in their own workshop. They aim for high standard designs and a distinctive level of detail. Discover their Bruusk Cat Bed, a stylish bed for your cat, one that may be seen in your interior! Have a look of our amazing designer pet accessories on CROWDYHOUSE!

Any Questions about our designer pet accessories? Contact Our Customer Service

If you have any questions about any of our designer pet accessories. You are welcome to contact our customer service 085 888 8220  which operates from 10:00-18:00. You can also send us an email at Our customer service team will be happy to handle all of your queries. 

Designer pet accessories on CROWDYHOUSE