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How to play with the design? Our designers know very well how to transform a simple material or product in something for our lifestyle. On CROWDYHOUSE, our play designers thought for every necessity, from games and toys to skateboards, and also bike and bike accessories. They well know how design can match fun! So, what are you waiting for?  Discover our wide selections of Play products, you can choose between: Bikes & AccessoriesSkateboards, Gadgets & Games.

Spotlight: JULIE GAILLARD DESIGN – Unique play designers

Julie Gaillard is an atypical designer. Her creations seduce, because they are like her, elegant, simple, generous, with a good sense of humor. Discover on CROWDYHOUSE the amazing products and games of this play designer! Play Before Eating Wooden Game is made of certified solid French wood from sustainably managed forests. Manufactured in Jura, France. This stick game comes in a solid lime wood box with a plywood poplar-made cover. Each box comes with six sticks. Time seems to pass faster when seated if one can have fun while waiting to be served. Play Everywhere Marble Game is a nomad marble game to play everywhere leaving your house wall at home. Have a look, on CROWDYHOUSE, of the others amazing creations of the best play designers!

Best play designers on CROWDYHOUSE

The best and wide selection of play design products is only on CROWDYHOUSE! Have a look of our amazing play designers. Woody Skateboards is a Dutch brand, Each Woody Skateboards is handmade from locally grown and felled trees. From each board the origin of it’s timber is known, as well as the age of the tree and reason why it was felled. All the trees had to be felled because they were in the way of city renewal. The timber was destined to end up in a fireplace if Woody Skateboards did not save and turn it into skateboards. According to TWO-O, real beauty does not come from artificiality. In the dynamical technological progression, TWO-O offers rest in wood. A dynamic material that is robust enough to protect and at the same time not loses her lively character and elegance. Discover our unique play designers on CROWDYHOUSE!

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If you have any questions about any of our play designers. You are welcome to contact our customer service 085 888 8220 which operates from 10:00-18:00. You can also send us an email at or check our FAQ’s!

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