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Skateboards, made with a designer’s touch, can make the perfect design gift for active friends and family. From classic wooden skateboards and longboards to all kinds of outdoor equipment, here you can find what you need, so you can start moving with style in the great outdoors. Enjoy your free time while staying stylish: here you can the perfect wooden skateboards for your active days. We’ve selected a unique range of wooden design accessories just for you, such as these handmade skateboards with a retro touch. Made from recycled materials and wood, these unique skateboards have a particular charm that needs no introduction. So start looking and then start moving.

Spotlight: Woody skateboards – Unique wooden skateboards

The name says it all as this brand from Utrecht in The Netherlands have a unique range of wooden skateboards. The skateboards come with a beautiful sustainable backstory. The timber used by woody skateboards was destined to end up in a fireplace but now have a second life as a skateboard. There is the woody oak skateboard, woody ash fish skateboard and woody elm fish skateboard. Each are made with a different wood type adding the charm of each skateboard. They do however follow a similar design, as they are inspired by the early 70’s design. Discover Woody skateboards full collection here on CROWDYHOUSE and reignite the spirit of skateboarding.

Best Wooden skateboards brands on CROWDYHOUSE

They are an Italian brand, created by a team of Italian artisans and designers who realize high quality skateboards and longboards called Wafer Boards. On CROWDYHOUSE, you can try the Bamboo Cruiser Skateboard, so small and easy to bring with you, it is the perfect companion to ride the asphalt. Zanocchi & Starke is another italian brand, they produce unique and amazing furniture products. The Wall Ride Mounted Wall Rack will be perfect for you skateboard.. It is a practical and versatile mounted wall rack, perfect for those who want to proudly display their skateboard. Leave your cares, open a beer, take your skate and enjoy your ride! So, if you are a skate lover and you are looking for the perfect and unique skateboard, in our wide selection you can find some of the best wooden skateboards!

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Wooden skateboards on CROWDYHOUSE