Unique Lamp Shades & Light Bulbs for your home

Do you go for the darker shades or just love the warm lights? Whatever your preference, our unique lamp shades & light bulbs offer a decorative design solution for everyone. Choose the sustainable wooden pallet lampshades of Rescued. Or rock the recyclable plastic shades from Kaigami Ltd and your light bulbs will always be nicely dressed. Give a soft touch to your home with lampshades made out of recycled materials. A preference for bright and clear lighting in your home? Try the cable light shades from Patrick Hartog Design. Do you enjoy a low-lit atmosphere in your living room? Hang up some Lantern Shades, or install some of VIVIDGREY’s Slumber Shades made from sustainable material. Whether you like to keep your interiors bright or dim, we offer a versatile design selection of shades to give that final touch to your lighting.

Light bulbs have now become a unique home accessory. Innovation and creativity have combined in order to give you more unique light bulb options for your home. Key factors such as sustainability have lead our CROWDYHOUSE designers to create unique light bulbs that will serve a special function in your home. Whether you are looking for a dimmable light bulb or a lamp with an exposed light. We at CROWDYHOUSE have unique light bulbs that would set the right atmosphere in your home.

Spotlight: Kaigami – Unique lamp shades & light bulbs

Kaigami is a British brand who believe that success depends on three factors: Innovation, Quality and Delivery. This is why KaiGami produces 90% of its designs using Laser Cutting technology. Their unique lamp shades are extravagant. They will make you think of origami folded shapes. The lamp shades come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Discover the Orchid Sculptural Light Shade, Pigna Sculptural Light Shade and the Star flake lamp shade. These unique lamp shades are extravagantly modelled after beautiful flower like forms. The lamp shades can be fitted onto any light source and will look beautiful as a pendant lamp. Kaigami have even more amazing and unique lamp shades available here on CROWDYHOUSE.

Spotlight : E solutions and Swedish design Ab – Unique lamp shades & light bulbs

Nothing quite screams Scandinavian design like designers from Sweden. From the beautiful city of Gothenburg, these Swedish designers have challenged mainstream lighting. They created an award winning light bulb. They created an aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient light bulb. As sustainability has become prominent in society, these designers have a potentially revolutionary design product. The nanoleaf bloem dimmable light bulb is the world’s first dimmable light bulb that doesn’t require a dimmer switch. The Nanoleaf Bloom also has a special ‘Night Mode’ function for those cozier, intimate occasions. The light bulbs have an incredible life span of 27 years! It is durable, ultra-eco friendly and will set the ambiance for any occasion. Be inspired by this unique project and discover their full store here.

Best and unique lamp shades & light bulbs on CROWDYHOUSE

Diversity is a thing of beauty, and this is something we at CROWDYHOUSE are very proud to possess! It allows us to have tables with different inspirations, crafting methods and materials resulting in a wide variety of designs. One example is the portuguese brand Orikomi. It is based on developing products that blend origami techniques with lighting. Orikomi products, inspired by clean lines and geometric shapes, are carefully handcrafted using high quality paper with a wide variety of colors. Their lamps, as highly recyclable products, promote the use of energy-saving lamps, make a statement as an alternative lighting solution with low impact on the environment.

Saihol Yuen is an interior design label based in Rotterdam the Netherlands. This brand is Rocking Dutch with a bit of Asian influance. It offers a hard edge of industrial interior products like the unique lamp shades!

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Unique lamp shades & light bulbs on CROWDYHOUSE