Modern pendant lighting for your home

There is a special mood that modern pendant lighting knows how to master. Contemporary lighting offers a modern design take on chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and even outdoor lighting. Modify and customize the look of your rooms. Add a beam of light from above, complemented by the materials of wood, glass or metal. Create a playful touch to a child’s room or to your workspace. Choose a crocheted Lampe Ceiling Pendant by Et Aussi, or a vibrant Woody Zig-Zag Ceiling Lamp by HOP Design. Give your dining or living room a modern yet classic feel with the simple yet stunning Heavy Guy Chandelier by MVOS.

Still haven’t quite managed to find what you need to brighten your interior space? Check out the innovative laser-cut wooden lamps crafted by the Dutch Van Tjalle en Jasper. Our designers use a wide range of design techniques to create a truly authentic source of brightness. No matter how high or low you want to hang it, the possibilities are endless, so don’t stay in the dark too long.

SPOTLIGHT: Massow Design – Unique and modern pendant lighting

Massow Design is an independant studio based in London. The Hemmesphere lighting range, from Massow designs, takes beautifully crafted and sculpted wood, offset against the industrial feel of a bare light- bulb, to make this statement piece lighting range. The design goes further than the fitting its self by creating unique shadows which can give any room a one of a kind feel with a warm and fulfilling glow. Taking Japanese influences, the lamps are designed to be peaceful by using very clean lines and brilliant craftsmanship. As very tactile pieces, they bring a brilliant energy into any space. Discover their Plywood Comet Lamp or their Mushroom Wooden Pendant Lamp! You want to discover more about Massow Design? Make sure to check out their store on CROWDYHOUSE!

Best modern pendant lighting brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Diversity is a thing of beauty, and this is something we at CROWDYHOUSE are very proud to possess! The diversity of our designers means that we have tables with different inspirations, crafting methods and materials. It results in a wide variety of designs that can cater to people with all kinds of tastes. One example is Czech designer Jakub Velinsky and his unconventional hanging concrete lamps. Dutch designers Et Aussi have a range of lights that encloses an exposed light bulb in a cotton shell. This hanging light can be set up anywhere in your garden or interior. The creativity of CROWDYHOUSE designers is finely displayed by Specimen. Discover their combination of wood and concrete. This creates a truly unique lamp with 2 contrasting materials. Yes you truly need to see it to believe it! There are more modern pendant lighting on CROWDYHOUSE that will cater to you!

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Modern pendant lighting on CROWDYHOUSE