Designer Products Under 100 Euro’s

Good design is not necessary expensive design. This is how our designers think. Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, you can find the best Designer Products Under 100 Euro’s: from women and men accessories to home furniture, you can find a wide selection of the best design . What is the best way to remember a moment of your life? Of course through a photo, better if this photo has an amazing frame like the Durer Frame of Fundamental Berlin: the designer created a precious a serie of precious frames to make special your best moments.
Also the Circle Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings can make a unique gift a special moment, thanks to the delicate design and shapes these earrings can be one of the unique gift ideas under 100 Euro’s. Lastly, if you want a particular piece of design for your house, the Scale Wooden Fruit Bowl can enrich your kitchen with a special design idea: through the use of its design the bowl takes its shape. So the quantity of stuff you put in the bowl determines how the bowl looks. At CROWDYHOUSE we have a wonderful range of special gift ideas under 100 Euro’s from the best designers on the market.

Spotlight: design *by Imre Bergmann

Unique and handmade design are the inspiration of design *by Imre Bergmann, in her creations you have the possibility to find some special gift ideas under 100 Euro’s. Imre is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam, all her creations are handmade, making them unique and available in limited editions. A certain amount of minimalism characterizes her work, using pure and natural materials. This is where her love for porcelain comes from, it is a pure material and has a certain individuality and tactility that appeals to Imre. The WNW Vase Large Triangles is part of the ‘Waste Not Wasted’ series, that is a project of unglazed vases made out of casts from existing every-day plastic packages. The Bottle Vase is another special gift idea under 100 Euro’s. But, if you are looking for a unique and delicate women accessory, the Animal and Indians Necklace is the perfect solution; indeed, the rose quartz is the f stone of the heart and love. A perfect way to start your journey can be with the amazing collection of “Positive Vibes”. The Positive Vibes Saucer and the Positive Vibes Cup are two lovely products that will add happy vibes to your day! These are only some of the wonderful creations of this designer. On CROWDYHOUSE, you have the possibility to discover other special gift ideas under 100 Euro’s.

Best Gift Ideas Under 100 Euro’s on CROWDYHOUSE

Many times it is a challenge find a gift which is truly fitting the person and the occasion, but some design creations can suit the personality of everyone. Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, you can discover the best Designer Products Under 100 Euro’s. Studio Inge de Vor is a Dutch design studio, focused on textile related products. They create beautiful, colourful and detailed textiles that are applied to products of everyday use. Discover the amazing fantasy of the cotton pouch – rosette mint-navy, the square silk scarf – urchins dark print and the square cushion – rosette salmon print.You will love them! Van Tjalle en Jasper are two designers based in Amsterdam. They love designing and make furniture trying to set trends rather than following them. The Mini-Spot Wooden Table Lamp and the Nikolamp Tesla Laser Cut Lampshade are two wonderful creations, able to shape the light in a unique and delicate way. Incipit Lab is an Italian laboratory based in Milan. Conceived as a contemporary workshop and inspired by those of the Italian Renaissance, This laboratory is a training path where all parties involved work together and collaborate for the success of a project, supporting the designers on all areas related to the design profession. The Roll Vertical Scroll Calendar is a funny way to interpret a calendar: an infinite vertical scrolling calendar, a measured structure that seems to never stop, but continues to run endlessly, always repeating itself and always different. This is only a small part of the wide range of gift ideas under 100 Euro’s that you can find on CROWDYHOUSE.


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