Scandinavian Interior Design on CROWDYHOUSE

Ever since the 1950’s the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway have been producing Scandinavian interior design that is simple, minimal and functional. Here on CROWDYHOUSE, we are proud to have some of the best Scandinavian designers presenting their designs straight from their studios. Discover a wide range of furniture, home accessories, lighting and prints in our collection of Scandinavian design furniture. Designers such as Bee9, Massow Design and Louise Engedal are all producing designs that can be awarded the tag of Scandinavian design furniture. So come take a look at what these talented Scandinavian designers have to offer!

Scandinavian Interior Design Popularity

Here the popular term we know today “Scandinavian design” was born and its legacy has forever been embedded in any interior design. Scandinavian artists valued functionality over the form. But, with their inspiration of nature, cold climates and clean living their designs grew popular. Each Nordic nation began with their own speciality. Then, Denmark made furniture popular, Sweden worked well with Ceramics while Finland practiced glass work. Nowadays Scandinavian interior design has spread throughout the world. And designers from all over have interpreted it in their own way while still respecting the original heritage. We invite you to take a look and discover just why Scandinavian design furniture became so popular!

Spotlight : Sandra Nielen – Scandinavian interior design

From the harbor Rotterdam, Dutch designer Sandra Nielen has designed a range of Scandinavian inspired home furniture. She produce very high quality Scandinavian design furniture that will provide a sleek, elegant and homely look for any living space. She has a beautiful range of Scandinavian design tables such as her Ash Table Vertigo  and her Wooden dining table Y . Both are made with top quality ash wood. Her Wooden Bookshelf is intricately made using a clever system of support cables which play an important role in the construction and detailing. This bookshelf is is not only functional and will be incredibly useful in your home but it is also aesthetically pleasing. Sandra has more Scandinavian design furniture waiting for you!

Best Scandinavian design brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Here at CROWDYHOUSE we have an extensive range of different Scandinavian interior design brands. CROWDYHOUSE has Scandinavian designers such as Camilla Engdahl and Lissa Thimm who originate from Sweden and Denmark respectively. Available to you is also Scandinavian design from the United Kingdom like ByShop who have an alluring range of clocks. Moreover Scandinavian interior design has had a huge influence in The Netherlands. So designers such as Dora, Studio Isabel Quiroga and Studio met have interpreted Scandinavian design in their own way. There are many more Scandinavian design brands on CROWDYHOUSE that are out there to be discovered!

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