An interview with Evelien Reich, the editor in chief at ELLE Decoration Netherlands, about the collection of products they selected for CROWDYHOUSE.

Who at ELLE Decor has selected the products in this collection?
We have compiled it in consultation with the whole ELLE Decoration team. That sounds quite serious, but bottom line is that everyone here has had a real good look around the site. Then we started looking at the whole big collection for products that were matching nicely together. Miraculously, the result even has a kind of ‘running theme’ that came out it.

Can you tell us a bit more about how you chose the selected products?
We started with a big selection that we divided into different themes. Quickly we discovered we had all selected a lot of products with a black and pink look. Soft but also daring. A very nice combination for spring.

If you can choose only one product, which one is your favourite?
That is so difficult! Personally I love the table lamp by Maajo. Very pretty with a 70’s twist to it, and it will go well at many places in your house. Secondly, the cushion with carrots and roses Texas and the Artichoke is very nice, that is a piece that will make you happy over and over again.

Which designer should we keep an eye on the coming time?
Over here at ELLE Decoration we all love the products of Nüud Ceramics. The raw touch of concrete combined with the ceramic is beautiful.

What will be the interior trends for this spring and summer?
Here at the office we are completely fascinated by the idea of modern nomads, a style in which raw and refined come together. Example? Marble remains but can also be applied fairly rugged, with raw edges, for example.

Which colours will be popular for interiors this spring and summer?
I think the so called ‘nude’ colours are getting popular, also different nudes combined together. Think of soft beige, powder pink, but also different shades of brown in that mix. All these colours will also go really well with green in your interior, a colour that has been popular for a long time now.

Which interior event should we not miss this year?
Easy! Our own event ELLE Decoration Live in Amsterdam. It is in November so not for a while but we are already busy with the preparations and have a lot of exciting things planned for it. This year will be a very special edition.

Is there anything else we did not ask but need to know?
No I don’t think so. Apart from the fact we cannot wait to make the next selection!