1981 Acrylic Front Table

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Product Description

The 1981 table references are the ideas of geometry, colour and design freedom as expressed by the Milanese collective Memphis. The outcome is a piece of furniture that is never the same, mutable, surprising. Textures conceived to smoothly follow the legs shape, overlapping volumes that originate intense compositions made of harmonious colours: all this is behind a table that makes geometry a highlight. The repetition of graphic signs and the free combination of geometry and colour were at the basis of the Memphis Milano movement as well as they are of the 1981 table, where geometric shapes and transparency cater for its contemporary feel.

How Its Made

This front table consists of 3 elements, 2 legs and one top, which fit together with immediate gestures. The thin thickness of the material gives not only aesthetic lightness and reduced weight, but also high stability to the object. Each element is diamond-tool finishing by hand to give greater clarity to the methacrylate. 1981 is available in clear acrylic in five versions: two completely textured with geometric patterns and three with colored top and textured legs.

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Sold by Madea Milano

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