24mm Line led pendant light

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Product Description

24mm Line led pendant light: The ’24mm Line’ LED pendant light is one of the products made with the ’24mm’ system designed by Arend Groosman. ’24mm’ concept: one system to build everything. A minimalist pendant light with a natural look that can lights desks, conference tables and dining tables. The ’24mm Line’ is made of birch plywood with built-in warm white LED lighting. The lamp height can easily be adjusted to your personal taste using a simple mechanism. The suspension lines are also the power lines and have a maximum lengthe of 2,5 meters. Comes complete including adapter. We offer a dimmable incl RF controller and a not dimmable version. The standard light temperature is 2700k if wanted its also possible in extra warm white LED 2400k. Or for the office a natural white LED 4500k. Extra info: 1650 lumen 16,2 watt

How Its Made

All the products are handmade and produced with machines we built by ourselves in our local studio in Scheveningen in The Netherlands. The products are constructed out of 24 millimeters thick birch multiply. We cut the birchwood into carefully calculated strips which makes it possible to work with a minimum amount of waste material.

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 100.8 x 2.4 x 3 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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Comments and Questions

  1. Arend

    Hoi Else, ik kan ze ook op maat maken 1,5 meter kan zeker.

  2. else_eising@hotmail.com

    Zou de lamp ook in een grotere uitvoering gemaakt kunnen worden? bv 1,5m ipv 1m breed?

  3. Arend

    Hey Piet, De lamp wordt standaard geleverd inclusief dimmer met afstandsbediening. Wanneer je besteld kan je 2400k bij Order Notes doorgeven.

  4. Piet Hein

    Hey Arend, hoe bestel ik de dimmable version? En we willen ook het liefst de LED 2400k lamp.

  5. Arend

    Hi Michael, Yes it’s possible. The standard electro device is made for 230v and 110v ac.

  6. Michael

    Is it possible to get this light in a version compatible with a Canadian installation – 110v ?

  7. Steph

    Hi, we have an offset ceiling outlet above our rectangular kitchen table. Please could you explain how we might install this light? Many thanks

    • Arend

      Hi Steph, You mean another ceiling rose ? Or how to install the ceiling rose that is included? There are instructions included and screws etc how to install.

  8. Tamas

    Is this lamp available for purchase? Thanks.

    • Arend

      Hi Tamas, yes it is.

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