3Q Silver Earrings

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Product Description

The 3Q Silver Earrings are made from sterling silver. The innovative design of 3Q earrings is made in one size only: ø 26 mm. They close with ø 5 mm ear-nut to guarantee an extra firm fitting. 3Q earrings are available both in silver and black (oxidized silver).

How Its Made

The 3Q Silver Earrings are made from 1 mm silverplate, ø 26 mm. Earnut ø 5mm, hardened ear stud and a matte finish. Oxidized silver is a special kind of tincture that is applied onto the silver, which causes an extreme oxidizing of the material. It is not harmful to your skin, nor to your clothing. After a while it will wear off a bit, but that makes the jewel look even more charming because of its rugged-look.

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