3Q Silver Necklace

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Product Description

The 3Q Silver Necklace is simple and elegant, suitable for any occasion and perfectly matching to 3Q earrings. The amulet is attached to a so called anchor-chain, which closes with a classical bayonet-lock. You can choose the jewel either in silver or black (oxidized) silver. Available in the lengths 53 and 58 cm (incl. pendant).

How Its Made

The 3Q Silver Necklace is made by hand from sterling silver with a matte finish. Elements are soldered together. Pendant ø 26 mm, made from 1 mm silverplate. Oxydized silver is a special kind of tincture is applied onto the silver, which causes an extreme oxidizing of the material. It is not harmfull to your skin, nor to your clothing. After a while it will wear off a bit, but that makes the jewel look even more charming because of its rugged-look.

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