A Homeland Souvenir Art Print 1

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Product Description

A Homeland Souvenir Art Print 1 is part of my HOMELAND SOUVENIRS postcards, inspired by the urban and natural setting of Argolis, a region in southern Greece. It is an area of with great history and natural beauty. These collages combine some elements from my childhood memories, such as the sea and sky, an old hotel, the prickle pears, the oranges, the ancient theater, etc.- They are souvenirs one can take with him from the south Mediterranean.

How Its Made

A Homeland Souvenir Art Print 1 is made digitally on my studio computer, using images I find on the web or photos I’m taking myself in my everyday wanders. I’m cutting, distorting, recoloring them to create something entirely new. They come printed on high quality photographic paper. A Homeland Souvenir Art Print 1 is on canvas dimensions of 20×30 cm. It is shipped stamped and packed in a paper envelope.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 30 x 0.01 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Sold by Danai Gkoni_nolongeroutside

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