ANVIA Floor lamp No. 1505, The Horseshoe


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Product Description

Greatly designed floor lamp with C-shaped foot. One of a kind design. Floor lamp No. 1505 is based on the original ANVIA type 8025, designed in the mid 1950’s. Model 2015 with fixed frame (the new 1505 model has a frame that can be moved into 2 different positions). Special offer !!

How Its Made

All ANVIA lamps are handmade in The Netherlands. We reproduce the midcentury models designed by J.J.M. Hoogervorst as close as possible and combine it with the materials and techniques of today. All shades are still hand spun which gives each ANVIA lamp its own unique character. Where necessary we have adapted the original design for e.g. improved stability, safety etc. Most of the steel components are made close to Almelo, the place where it all started in 1933. The final assembly takes place in the neighborhood of Almelo. All new ANVIA lamps can easily be used and are fully compatible with LED bulbs.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 x 55 x 149 cm(Length x Width x Height)




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