Aura Wooden Pendant Lamp


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Product Description

Mirroring the form of the exposed light bulb using the warm natural material of wood creates a graceful union. Perfect as a centre piece or in a cluster above a worktop, table or island, the Aura Wooden Pendant Lamp transforms any space. Please note that his light comes with a cable that has a switch on it to enable the light to be used on the floor or a table. Should you wish to simply use it as a pendant it will require that you remove the switch from the cable.

How Its Made

The Hemmesphere lighting range, from Massow designs, takes beautifully crafted and sculpted wood, offset against the industrial feel of a bare light- bulb, to make this statement piece lighting range. The design goes further than the fitting its self by creating unique shadows which can give any room a one of a kind feel with a warm and fulfilling glow. Taking Japanese influences, the Aura Wooden Pendant Lamp are designed to be peaceful by using very clean lines and brilliant craftsmanship. As very tactile pieces, they bring a brilliant energy into any space

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 28 x 45 x 28 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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Sold by Massow Design

Comments and Questions


    Hi, nice lamp! what is the length of the cable? Thanks

    • david sommer

      the cable is 1.5 m


    Hi there, is the cable in fabric or plastic? Thanks!

    • david sommer

      The cables for all our lights are plastic

  3. david sommer

    Hello, yes all our lights come with the ceiling rose and connector blocks

  4. Marnix

    Hi there. Does this design come with a ceiling rose?

  5. david sommer


    I will find out the cost for two lights and get back to you this morning


  6. Eric van der Maten

    I would like to order two different lamps 1 x The Auro and the 1 x Cryptex. I only can order lamp by lamp so dubbel delivery costs….. is there a saver way?

    • david sommer

      Hello Eric

      Which country are you looking for the lights to be shipped to?


    • Eric van der Maten

      The Netherlands

  7. david sommer

    yes I have emailed you

  8. Pauline Teo

    Hi hi any new updates?

  9. Pauline Teo

    Hi, I appreciate your advice, will this look good if I intend to put them on both sides of the bedhead, above the side table? My email is I realize that the shipping costs is doubled if I order 2 pcs, which is very expensive, is there any cheaper shipping method? I can wait for the product as there’s no hurry.

    • Team CrowdyHouse

      Dear Pauline,

      We have now added the shipping costs for two items to the shipping options. We hope this works for you. Please let us know if you have anymore questions.

      Best regards,

      Team CrowdyHouse

  10. Pauline Teo

    Hi do u ship to Singapore? I’m interested in this product.

    • david sommer

      Yes we do ship to Singapore.

    • Team CrowdyHouse

      Dear Pauline,

      We have added Singapore to the shipping options so you can order.

      Best regards,

      Team CrowdyHouse

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