Bamboo 2.1


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Product Description

Lucis™ 2.1 Bamboo the most powerful portable full-color Mood Lamp in the world “A Portable Lamp like no other, with one charge you can take Lucis Bamboo anywhere and set the mood with 100 Hours of continuous full-color lighting.” With 450 lumen (40watt lamp) Lucis Bamboo is the most powerful mood lantern in the world. Take it anywhere to share your light. Indoor or outdoor; you determine the atmosphere. With the wireless and high quality LED lamp you possess all the colors of the rainbow and you can play with them at will. With up to 100 hours of lighting time, you can take the lamp to your garden, to the park or even to the beach. Lucis hosts more than 16 million colors With Lucis, we strive to give you the best experience with light possible. The high quality LED lights hosts over 16 million different colors. The beautiful designed Plexiglas housing takes the light to another level en fills your space with any color you want easily. A wireless lamp for just about everywhere. We believe you should be able to determine the atmosphere; whenever and wherever. With only 6,5 hours of charging, Lucis has 10 to 100 hours of continuous lighting. Already imagine yourself on a warm summer night at the beach? The opportunities are endless, only the sun is the limit. Smart and flawless design The beauty and quality of Lucis does not only come from the inside. We equally spent thought and care on the outside. We wanted to design a lamp with a flush design, without external buttons. The touch and shake sensors work easily and literally give Lucis the finishing touch.

How Its Made

We noticed that high-quality and portable LED lamps either have a very low light output or lack battery time. We are convinced that our smart, innovative and Dutch design will shake up the LED lamp market and set a new standard. We use three specially selected materials. ABS for the standard Lucis Lamp & Anodised Aluminium and Zebrano Wood for the premium versions. Over the last year we have designed Lucis from scratch. We never settled for mediocrity and tweaked the lamp until it met our high standards. We closely worked with our partner in China. We had countless meetings and quality controls to ensure that the production and transportation facilities met our demands. Multiple prototypes were produced and tested endlessly. Feedback from experts and friends helped us to make Lucis the best wireless and portable design lamp ever. It has been an incredible year and we are very proud of the outcome. As we speak we have already distributed the second batch and everything runs smoothly. Nevertheless we are still constantly looking for new ways to enhance Lucis, to develop new accessories for Lucis and improve the production chain. Check our website www. keep up to date on the latest Lucis news! Watch the interview with the founders of Lucis Lamp:

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 x 13.5 x 20 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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