BluBloxx Giants Kids Cushions

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Product Description

BluBloxx Giants Kids Cushions are a five-piece Shapes Set of giant building blocks composed of a single block of foam and recycled denim. Due to their large size, the building blocks become a part of the world of experience for small children, who can playfully learn the connection between form and function. The BluBloxx can be easily combined with each other because of their shapes, and the kids can also experience different functional usages, e.g. as a puzzle, for climbing or as seating elements.

How Its Made

BluBloxx products are produced with the least expenditure of energy and for mainly made from recycled materials. Every single building block of the Giants is made from stable foam provided with a coating exclusively from recycled denim fabrics, hand-made in Germany in the traditional patchwork style. The complete set of BluBloxx Giants Kids Cushions consists of: 1 x cube, 1 x cuboid, 1 x bridge, 1 x cylinder, 1 x triangle. BluBloxx Giants do not contain any dangerous corners and edges and the jeans fabric coating is made with harmless snaps. The covers are removable and machine washable inside out at 30 degrees celsius.

Dimensions 100 x 62 x 33 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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