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Product Description

Boero is a self-produced lamp. Boero Lamp takes shape and inspiration from an object of peasant nature, a container of water for hens; the use of the name Boero derives from the Dutch “Boer” which means peasant. The application of the handle to the opposite of the empty side, made Boero particularly functional, they allowed the realization of an essential lamp, but at the same time particularly effective and functional. Thanks to the presence of two particular elements, a 180 ° rotating handle and a 300 cm cotton and linen electric cable, the Boero Lamp can be easily positioned almost anywhere you want to obtain an ideal atmosphere lighting.

How Its Made

Each element of the Boero Lamp is Made in Italy using a 3D printer. The material used is a high quality Made in Italy Biodegradable PLA. The physical characteristics of the material allow the exclusive use of LED bulbs The design phase involves a specific optimization of the model geometries in order to optimize the realization and increase the quality Each Boero Lamp is finished in every part according to slow hand-sanding processes Each Boero Lamp is individually finished according to traditional, handmade and handcrafted processes, which give the object a superior quality. The realization of every Boero does not stop only in the 3D printing. CHECK – Every Boero leaving the 3D printer is meticulously controlled. SMOOTHING – Each element, including the handle, is slowly sanded by hand using different degrees of honing to obtain a smooth and imperfection-free surface. ASSEMBLY – The electrical components are assembled manually using a 300 cm long electric linen and cotton cable, and IMQ and CE certified electrical elements. Designed in Italy – 3D Printed in Italy – Self-Made in Italy

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 35 cm(Length x Width x Height)



Sold by Natale Li Vecchi

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