Bones Customizable Shelving System

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Product Description

The Bones Customizable Shelving System offers design lovers the most customizable aluminum wall system through its patented design. Especially designed aluminum screws and joints are the signature of Bones shelving system. Bones can be disassembled and reassembled many times, changing the configuration at will. Wall mounting is ensured with accessories included with the bookshelf. Assembly and wall mounting can be done by anyone with passion for do-it-yourself.

How Its Made

The Bones Customizable Shelving System is made in Italy, built from quality materials by skilled artisans who make possible the impossible. Joints and profiles are made with top grade aluminum alloy with matt or polished finish. The minimum content of recycled aluminum in the profiles is 71%, making them LEED certified. Joints, thin and light, are machined from a solid block of aluminum, delivering an exceptional rigidity and precision. Bones is delivered disassembled, allowing for smaller and manageable packages.


Delivered To

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (UK)


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Comments and Questions

  1. chris (verified owner)

    Hi Many thanks! I’m slightly confused though – in the photo as it only looks about 72 cm high? Also we can’t have 138 width unfortunately…We need Height: 138 x Width: 104 x Depth: 36 (it will stand up the same way as the Books shelving you have added). If easier I can just order the 138x104x36 you have added and add some notes to it? I think the ALU option only will work well for us! Thanks again

  2. chris (verified owner)

    I’m after a Books design 138x104x36 – actually we want to use it on top of a wooden kitchen surface as a kitchen shelf solution. The shelving system will be flush against the wall and extending 138cm upwards and 104cm across the kitchen surface.
    As such we need to fix the shelving into place. Ideally we would fix the shelving to the wall (so the narrow 138×36 side of the shelving would be against the wall) and also to the kitchen surface.
    For fixing the shelving to the kitchen surface we can probably use glue – for the wall I’d like to fix it with screws.
    You mention there is a screw set for mounting on the wall – would it be suitable for our purpose? It would not be load bearing, only to hold in place.
    If this is possible can you make this size available for purchase? (I can only see a 138x104x19 option)
    Thanks! Chris

    • Giorgia Paolini

      Hi Chris! yes the screws are designed to fix the shelves on the wall. if the shelves lay on top of a wooden surface then you can wall mount it even if it is 36cm deep, but it needs to be supported all the way on the entire width. Let me work on a design for you and i’ll add it to the selection. you need a solution which is 104 wide and 134 tall, correct? Thanks!

    • chris (verified owner)

      Hi – thanks for your response. 138x104x36 like the Books design above (doesn’t matter if it’s 134 instead of 138 if that’s easier for you).
      Just to be clear: one 104×36 side would be secured to the kitchen surface, and one 138×36 side (narrowest side) would be secured to the wall – hopefully by supplied screws – to hold it in place. both 138×104 sides would be open faced. hopefully that makes sense! thanks again 🙂

    • Giorgia Paolini

      Hi Chris, I just added a new composition, Wine Deep, that i think will work perfectly for you. I added two options: one with ceramic shelves and the other one without shelves so that you can make them to match finishes in your kitchen. Shelves are very simple rectangular shaped, no work required on edges, only need to be cut to size either 32X32X32 or 66X32X32 cm and 6mm or 12mm thick. Any hardware store should be able to supply them. Thanks!

  3. Flo

    Hey there, I love this look. I just have a question. I’d like to use it for books and random art/stuff. 19cm seems like it’s not deep enough. On your website it says it can come in any design, I’m a bit confused as to how I order the perfect size for me?

    • Giorgia Paolini

      Hi! Thank you! yes you can specify the depth in your notes. We have availability of standard depths: 19, 24, 36 cm. Please note that you can wall mount only 19 and 24, while 36 cm deep is made for free standing. if you have any specific design that you desire just send it and i will make it available for purchase. it would be great to add more designs 🙂

  4. Giorgia Paolini

    Hi Kim!
    yes it is perfect in bathrooms, we have a polished finish that fits even better. it can hold a lot of weight, about 15kgs per joint. the depth of these one is 19 cm, but we can make it also 24 or 32. the 32cm deep though it is better not wall mounting. We have a special screw set that you can use to mount it on the wall. I will add pictures in a week or so. thanks for your questions! Let me know if i can aswer any other one. thanks, Giorgia

  5. Kim Martens

    I realy like your system a lot.
    But I have some questions:

    Could it be used in a bathroom however?
    How much weight can it carry?
    How do you mount it to the wall?
    What is the depth?


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