BSHF 02 BLACK / Black / Metal

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Product Description

The 2 Shelf Supports are a family of supports that are all different but fit together perfectly. They’re shaped like the branches of a tree. This gives the minimalistic design it’s nice playful character. By finishing them in black, the graphical silhouette is emphasised. Vision I believe you can touch people’s hearts with honesty and simplicity. With my passion for design, I want to show that beauty is in the small and simple things of everyday life. By combining beautiful design with ordinary objects I try to grasp those little moments and make them special and unique. I call it “every day unique”. Mooi Goed Collection De Mooi Goed collection consists of candles, hooks, tealights and bookshelf supports. All of our products are made close to home: designed and manufactured in The Netherlands with care, eye for quality and above all made to last.

How Its Made

The shelfs are cut out of a single sheet of metal and bend to create a strong and sturdy support. All the black screws are included for fixing the supports and the shelf. The minimal dimensions of the shelf are 18mm thick and 27cm deep. The maximal distance between the supports is 100cm and the maximal load is 5-15 kilogramme depending on the wall. Shelf not included Made in: The Netherlands

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5.5 x 16 x 27 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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