Cinderella Porcelain Vase

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Product Description

Cinderella Porcelain Vase is inspired by a porcelain figurine, produced by a traditional porcelain factory. It is part of the TOP GIRLS Vase Collection.

How Its Made

Cinderella Porcelain Vase was inspired by a traditional porcelain figurine. The vase is casted in collaboration with a family of porcelain manufacturers in Germany. It is glazed outside and inside. One shoe is golden painted or just white (according to your preference). Porcelain production has a long tradition in Germany. Each product is hand made with love and high quality. Size: 16,5 X14 cm, H: 35 cm.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 13 x 12 x 16 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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Sold by Volokhova Porcelain

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