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Product Description

CLOCK-VASE connects two different theories of time into a simple poetic object. There are two different theories of the “time”. One theory is describing time as a circle. Second one is telling us that time is a line. Philosophers cannot decide which theory is more accurate and to let us be even more confused, they say that both of these theories could be right. Jaro Kose decided to join these thoughts in one design. To show the “circle of time” and the “timeline” in one object. “Imagine that you are locked up with a clock in a room without windows. You cannot see more than 12 hours constantly repeating their path. And now imagine that someone puts flower in this room… Now you can see what time means for such a fragile plant with its short lifetime”. -said Jaro. By connecting clock with a vase Jaro Kose wanted to show that we have to take care of the quality of the time we have. We can see time as a circle when every day seems the same but we cannot forget that our time is not infinite.

How Its Made

CLOCK-VASE is a handmade object made in Marga Janssen Ceramic atelier in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Core: Ceramic / Clock hands: Gold plated / Mechanism: Quartz

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 15 x 6 x 16 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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