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Product Description

The Comb Wooden Bookshelf is a flat-pack product, easy to put together, yet attractive. It bulges from the wall like a sector of a sphere, creating a sci-fi effect in the room. Besides being an eye-catcher, it is also practical, without acute angles to bump into, and the film-coated plywood is easy to clean. The Comb Wooden Bookshelf is available in 3 different sizes. Mini – 98 x 98 x 18 cm (H x W x D), 5kg Medium – 132 x 132 x 24.5 cm (H x W x D), 10kg Large – 167 x 167 x 31.5 cm (H x W x D), 15kg

How Its Made

The details are all cut by CNC from high-quality baltic birch plywood. Despite of its capacious dimensions it was possible to reduce the material thickness down to just 6mm as it remains still very strong due to its rectangular structure.

Weight kg
Length 132 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 125 cm
Colour Black
Material Birch | Plywood | Wood
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Comments and Questions

  1. Corie Mordsfun:

    Hey, just received my new Mini comb – but I don’t understand how to put it together! It came with a DIN A4 black/white Instruction for assembly…but obviously I am not clever enough to build it together. Is there any other instruction manual…maybe a video that shows how I can build it together? Thank you! Corie

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi, I just sent you an email with a german instruction, Best, Margit

  2. Finesse Smit:

    is it also possible to place this on the floor ?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      I´m afraid not, Jaanus

  3. Jaanus Orgusaar:

    Hi Anne Marie, i checked with Crowdyhouse team, and will get back to you soon, it says it will be live again in 4 days, maybe we can make it sooner. Best, Jaanus

  4. Anne Marie:

    This said it was going to be live for 6 days but it’s only been on for 2 days and now pulled! Is it going on again?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi Anne Marie, i checked with Crowdyhouse team, and will get back to you soon, it says it will be live again in 4 days, maybe we can make it sooner. Best, Jaanus

  5. Roï Shiratski:

    What are the sizes of the triangles for the mini and that of the small one?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi, the side is 32cm for the small one, and 23cm for mini.

  6. Anne Marie:

    Hi there,
    Can you ship this to New Zealand? And if so what would the cost be?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi, yes, it would cost aprox. 100 euros for the small, and 60 euros for mini. best, Jaanus

  7. Ruth Verwerft (verified owner):

    Can I still order the Raat mini white today? Can’t seem to find it on the site?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      I think the sale just finished, but it will be live shortly, i will check with the Crowdyhouse support and get back to you soon, best, Jaanus

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      It is live again, so try it now if you please.

  8. Tanja Shoobedoowap (verified owner):

    Is size mini the same as the small size? If not; what is the size of the mini?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi, no- mini is 98x98cm, small is 132x132cm, best, Jaanus

  9. Jaanus Orgusaar:

    Hi, yes we can ship the 2 smaller sizes to Israel. mini and small.

  10. Galitpeleg:

    Do you ship to Israel?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi, yes we can ship the 2 smaller sizes to Israel. mini and small.

  11. Ovidiu Lucaci:

    Hello, What is the cost for the medium size? These are the sizes?
    S- 132 x 132 x 24.5 cm (H x W x D)
    M- 167 x 167 x 31.5 cm (H x W x D)
    L- 226 x 209 x 42 cm (H x W x D)

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi Ovidiu,
      the medium size 167x167cm costs 451.25 Euros + 25€ shipping,


  12. Vaida Kentraite (verified owner):

    Hello! Could you please list the exact dimensions of mini, small and medium? Is 132 x 25 x 125 cm the size of the medium bookshelf? Thanks!

    • Tanya Docheva:

      Hello Vaida,
      132 x 25 x 125 cm is the size of the Small Comb shelf.


    hello! how do I hang it on the wall? tks

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi Madalena. there are 2 L-hooks together with 2 dowel pins included in the package with instruction. You need to drill 2 wholes in the wall by measuring the distance between the two upper rings, attach the dowel pins, screw in the L-screws and hang it from the rings
      Hope this answers your question,
      Bets regards
      Jaanus Orgusaar

  14. Simone (verified owner):

    Hi! Are there also 5 triangles on top of the medium comb or are there more? What size do we see on the pictures?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi Simone, the number of triangles is the same in all sizes, just the length is different, the triangles are bigger in the medium size, the small Comb fit an A4 in one triangle, lenght-wise. On these pictures are small and medium.

  15. Tanya Docheva:

    Do you ship the Comb shelf to USA?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi, yes we do, its 50€ for shipping then.

  16. Chèsmee:

    Is is also possible to order the white version?

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Yes! All sizes available in white, black, and brown.

    • Chèsmee:

      Ok! Thanks for your answer

  17. ria:

    Hallo, is de afgebeelde zwarte zoals op de foto voorzien van een bruine voorkant en is deze ook in de maat medium ( 1.67) te verkrijgen?
    Zo nee hoe ziet de bruine er dan uit.
    Ria van der Bolt.

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hello, can you please ask that in english as my dutch is no good!wilp be glad to answer.

    • Jaanus Orgusaar:

      Hi, yes all 3 sizes come in all 3 colors- black, white and brown, also the medium one- here is what the color looks:
      hope you can see it.
      Best, Jaanus

    • Designers CrowdyHouse:

      Hi Ria,

      Jaanus heeft gevraagd om zijn bericht naar het Nederlands te vertalen, om er zeker van te zijn dat het wordt begrepen.

      Alle drie de maten worden in alle drie de kleuren: zwart, wit en bruin geleverd. Ook de maat medium (1,67). Zo ziet de kleur bruin eruit:



    • Designers CrowdyHouse:

      Hi Ria,

      Ik heb de verschillende kleurenvariaties met bijhorende formaten toegevoegd aan het product. Ik hoop dat het zo duidelijker voor je is.



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