Concrete Jungle Growing Square Jewellery

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Product Description

Concrete Jungle Growing Jewellery series consists of pendants made of concrete and reflects the dandelions untamed being in an urban environment and turns it into a straight – lined and elementary object in an unusual, playful and authentic manner. Narrow, straight, concrete pendants provide a pot and a small space for its taproot and emblematise urban environment where the dandelion will thrive nonetheless. All the growing jewellery needs to sprout is a small suntrap on the windowsill and some drops of water. Once the seeds begin to sprout the necklace starts to show its untamed beauty.

How Its Made

Concrete Jungle Growing Jewellery The project dandelion is an experiment drawing attention to a plant with a multifaceted character, which lies in the area of tension between being an outsider and ubiquity. In spite of the emotional value and its versatile applicability, the common dandelion lived in the shadows of the indispensable agricultural crops or the decorative flowers, what let it become a classical wallflower. Due to its broad dissemination, its adaptability and hardiness, dandelion is the declared enemy of the tidy allotment holders. The jewellery series reflects the dandelions untamed being in an urban environment and its characteristics as a pioneer plant in a number of concrete pendants. The pendants are made in germany and consist of different forms of concrete. They are available round and square formed. Each piece is unique and varies in size a little bit. The set consists of a necklace, a package of soil, dandelion seeds and a small tube to water the seeds.



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