Copper Hanger Large

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Product Description

Copper Hanger Large is an elegant way to display your most beautiful clothes or whatever else you wish to showcase. Copper Hanger Large comes in four parts that are very easy to assemble. Included is a bright white 10 meter long string and three hooks with anchor fittings. The size shown above is 1.5 meters wide. The copper version will get some patina over time, which will give it an even more industrial and personal look. But the patina can also be removed very easily if you wish so, for example by using a softening agent. The copper cloth hangers are not included. They’re made by Hay and complement the look perfectly. They’re available on various websites.

How Its Made

Copper Hanger Large is made from copper. The copper will age beautifully, getting some patina over time. It’s a beautiful material that can be recycled 100 % without any loss of quality.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 150 x 2 x 60 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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Sold by Calvill

Comments and Questions

  1. Stefanie Vleeschouwer

    Hi, we are really interested in this copper hanger.
    Our place is 2m70 high. How much space do we have under the hanger? We want to place a low chest of drawers underneath it.


    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hi Stephanie,
      thanks for your message! You need at least around 70cm. If you don’t use the top vertical copper rails it’s just 32 cm. So plenty of space underneath!
      Kind regards,

  2. Annegien

    Hi, Again, Is the middle part at 75cm ? (I have 3 beams I have to hang it from.)

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hello Annegien,
      yes, it’s exactly in the middle (75 cm)! I added Australia as a shipping destination.
      Kind regards,

  3. Annegien

    Hi, do you ship to Australia, Melbourne. How much will the shipping cost be for a large one?
    kind regards,

  4. Bahar Alipour

    hello, was wondering where you are based? Any chance you can do next day delivery to UK (want it by tomorrow : ) Thanks, Bahar

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hi Bahar,
      unfortunately, I won’t be able to ship it before tomorrow. Sorry about that! Usually shipping to the UK takes about 3-4 workdays. Express would be much more expensive. Please write me a message if you need mote information.
      Kind regards,

  5. Tanya Docheva

    Can you ship the Copper Hanger Large to NYC, USA?

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      I added the US as a shipping destination!

  6. Stylianos (verified owner)

    Hi just placed an order, how should I mail you and what should I write in the message?

  7. Boon89!R

    Hi, we really love the design but we were wondering what is the maximum weight you can hang on it? Cheers Diogo

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hi Diego,
      thanks for your message!
      It holds at least 72 kg.
      Kind regards,

  8. ewan (verified owner)

    my place is 3m70 high. will 10m of string be sufficient? does the string run thru the hanger? if so, where is the middle part attached? and are the hooks included in the package?

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hi Ewan,
      thanks for your message! I can include a 15 m long rope, if you wish. That should definitely be sufficient. Yes, it’s just one rope that goes through the whole hanger, including the middle part. Yes, hooks and dowels are included.
      Best regards,

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