Copper Hanger Medium

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Product Description

Copper Hanger Medium is an elegant way to display your most beautiful clothes or whatever else you wish to showcase. Copper Hanger Medium comes in four parts that are very easy to assemble. Included is a bright white 10 meter long string and three hooks with anchor fittings. The size shown above is 1.1 meters wide. Smaller sizes are available. Please send us a message after you’ve placed your order. The copper will get some patina over time, which will give it an even more industrial and personal look. But the patina can also be removed very easily if you wish so, for example by using a softening agent. The copper cloth hangers are not included. They’re made by Hay and complement the look perfectly. They’re available on various websites.

How Its Made

Copper Hanger Medium is made from copper. The copper will age beautifully, getting some patina over time. It’s a beautiful material that can be recycled 100 % without any loss of quality.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 110 x 2 x 65 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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Comments and Questions

  1. Farid Ouachour


    my place is 3m high. will 10m of string be sufficient?

    Thank you

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hello Farid,
      yes, that works perfectly. You can adjust the height!
      Kind regards,

  2. Farid Ouachour


    Our ceilling is 3 meter high. Is it a fixed height or is the Height adjustable.

    Thank you

  3. Jasper Heiligtag


  4. Christabel

    Hi, I would like to know how can this be suspended from the ceiling. Thank you.

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      it’s fixed to the ceiling with hooks. Everything you need to install it is included!
      Kind regards,

    • Christabel

      Hi Jasper
      Thank you for your reply.
      I suppose we will need to drill holes into the ceiling for this. Can I ask the weight limit for the medium and large copper hanger?
      I’m also looking at the wood and copper wardrobe. Out of curiosity, can it be customized? For example, adding a couple more rods across the base so that shoes will sit on the rods instead of the floor. Thank you.

  5. Karin

    Dear Jasper,

    Is there a possibility to order the Hanger after the period that Crowdyhouse sets? Because we get the key of our new house on Tuesday, so than I will be available to measure.

    Kind regards,

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hello Karin,

      the hanger will be available next week as well!

      Kind regards,

  6. Jules

    Dear Jasper,

    If i decide to buy all 3 types, is shipping also 20€ to THE netherlands?

    Thanks Jules

  7. Annegien

    Hi Jasper. After measuring my laundry, I need to have the 110 dimension hanger.
    You were so kind to put shipping to Australia for the large one. Maybe you are able to do this for the medium size.
    My Parents from Amsterdam are travelling to Australia soon. Will it fit in a suitcase as it comes in more pieces???
    If not suitcase proof, I would like to order one and ship to Melbourne.
    Kind regards, Annegien

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hello Annegien,
      I will add shipping to Australia. Without the packaging it’s about 65 cm wide. But maybe your parents could take it as baggage, if that is cheaper.
      Kind regards, Jasper

  8. Tanya Docheva

    Can you ship to Australia? And at what price? Thanks.

  9. Maria

    I would like to know how much weight the “copper hanger medium” can handle?
    best, Maria

    • Jasper Heiligtag

      Hi Maria,
      thanks for your message!
      It holds at least 72 kg.
      Kind regards,

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