CRYSTAL earpendants

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Product Description

CRYSTAL ear pendants is elegant jewelry for your ears, made from sterling silver, with matt finish. Each ear drop measures ~ 7 mm. The ear hooks are made from 1 mm silver wire, hardened and polished. You can choose CRYSTAL ear pendants in sterling silver, gold-plated silver or oxidized silver. The gold-plated ones are covered with 14 kt yellow gold. CRYSTAL necklace short matches perfectly this ear jewels.

How Its Made

Every pendant is made by making a single model by hand from wax, this model is then casted in silver. Each CRYSTAL is slightly different in size and shape, the eyelet is attached by soldering it to the pendant. The amulet is made from solid silver, oxidized or gold-plated (14 kt) silver and measures around 7 x 20 mm, ending in a small ring. Oxidized silver: A special kind of tincture is applied onto the silver, which causes an extreme oxidizing of the material. It is not harmful at all ! Neither to your skin, nor to your clothing. After a while it will use off a bit, which makes the jewel look even more charming cause of its used-look.

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