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Product Description

A set of fair-sized teacup and side plate. Both are handmade, wheelthrown stoneware. Decoration made with stains and it’s under glaze. Cup: H 10 cm D 9 cm V 3,5 dl. Plate: D 14,5 cm. Dishwasher safe.

How Its Made

All the products are small batch, handcrafted ceramics. Products are made in North Karelia, Finland, by Henriikka Leppänen. Clay as a material is filled with energy that has travelled through ice ages and gains it’s final form in the heat of the kiln. Wheelthrowing is fascinating ancient method to form clay. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the deity Khnum was said to have formed the first humans on a potter’s wheel. Wheelthrowing requires lots of skills and practise. A round, moist lumpy clump of clay body is thrown at a wheelhead. The clump is made even and forced to the centre of the wheel by applying pressure with the hands. The sides thus defined are pulled up and made thinner by pressure between the hands.

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