Extension lamp

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Product Description

Extension lamp The extension lamp can be everywhere, anything for you. It’s a lamp to use where needed, just like an extension cable. The extensions lamp actually is an extension cable, but with a flashlight at the end instead of a plug. This lamp can easily be hanged with its cable in the garden above a diner table or in the house when an extra light is needed above a couch. The extension lamp is for emergencies, and ambiance, it stays elegant. Material: Beech, oak, walnut, robinia, philips LED lamp, 20m orange cable and fitting. diam. 60 x 300, cable 20m

How Its Made

All my products are made by hand. Materials are chosen carefully, my preference generally goes to natural and environmental friendly ones. This lamp is turned on a lathe. So each piece is unique. The wood is then sanded and waxed. I finally install the electricity, and the orange extension cable (basics of every workshop). An ambient light with a workshop style!

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 200 x 6 x 30 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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