Flat Distorting Mirrors

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Product Description

The inspiration for Flat Distorting Mirrors came during a trip in South America, when Julien Vidame went to a cafe in the popular area San-Telmo in Buenos-Aires. He was eating eggs at the bar, when he laughed for twenty minutes in front of a very old mirror, so old that it was showing two laughing clowns. Back to France, he decided to remake that moment. Existing funhouse mirrors are made of glass, very heavy and complex to manufacture. Therefore they are expensive, and exclusive for fairs and shops. Flat Distorting Mirrors have been designed to be affordable for everyone. The production process makes the mirror of good quality, and displays against the wall with a thick stainless steel plate. – Polished stainless steel small: (inch)15,74×9,84×0,59 (cm)40x25x1,5 medium:(inch)39,4×17,7×0,8 (cm)100x45x2 large:(inch)78,8×17,7×0,8 (cm)200x45x2 v

How Its Made

How the Flat Distorting Mirrors are made is Julien’s secret…

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 x 45 x 200 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Comments and Questions

  1. koraysha.d@lacity-trianon.com


    I have sent you a request on contact. Please revert back urgently.

    • julien VIDAME

      please let me know your question and i will reply with pleasure!


  2. info@denz.ltd.uk

    HI – is the cost per mirror or for 3 mirrors as shown in the picture? thanks

  3. thearchdandy@hotmail.com

    Can the larger mirrors be wall fixed or do they have to be free-standing?

  4. Neil Saenz

    Do you guys deliver to US? if so, 100 x 45 x 2 cm how much would it cost to order and ETA to California?

    • julien VIDAME

      sure we ship to US california. The cost for the 100x45x2 is 100€. Regards.

  5. Yantcho (verified owner)

    Hi I’d like to order a 50cm x 25cm mirror, could you give me a quote please? Thanks a lot, Yantcho

  6. Charlotte Dinesen RigtigHundemad Taastrup

    funny .. love it… will it be ok outside?

    • Suzan Claesen

      Obviously the mirrors are made for outside use, they are in polished stainless steel. There are also availables in custom size. Thanks for your inquiry. Don’t hesitate if you have any other question!

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