Flock Of Concrete Birds – Set of 3 – White

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Product Description

It’s clear that limits exist just to be broken. The flock of birds breaks through walls and aspires out for freedom. These handmade sculptures are playing with the perception of its spectator and tease out a smile. The flock offers you to arrange and design your walls without a rude or invasive manner, like a symphony. The characteristic feature of the birds is their simplicity: their form and appearance is elegant, discreet, decent, reserved and never invasive. They form an appearance of living animals on the wall. The birds are literally merging with the wall, which leads to an architectural relief of special kind. Especially the way of colliding between light and shadow shows the simplicity and elegance of this product and therefore their play with perception. This continuing transformation (as a metaphor of dynamic and freedom) leads the viewer to a dreaming-kind impression. The best impression of the birds in an outdoor environment occurs on dark background. Wood, concrete or house walls – the more contrast the more impressive is the picture.

How Its Made

Each bird is handmade out of concrete, so irregularities are natural. These irregularities in the surface define each bird, making it unique. Color differences or air bubbles created when hardening create special aesthetics that becomes poetry in the flowing form of the bird. The set is coloured in white and has a matt finish. Screws and screw anchors are included for an easy installation.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 11 x 16 x 5.2 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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