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Fold Table-Midi, Traffic Red-Pre Production

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Product Description

Fold Tables are based on the simple premise of folding a piece of paper. They come as a nesting set in two different sizes, the Midi and Mini. The specially priced pre production models available here are the result of manufacturing research prior to the final accepted standards of quality, therefore some slight surface or structural imperfections are to be expected. However, these are still high quality, durable products available exclusively to customers of CROWDYHOUSE. There are seven sets available at the moment and if you are interested in a particular set please make contact with any questions regarding specifics.

How Its Made

Fold Tables are cut from a full 2500x1250x5mm Aluminium sheet. With the “Midi” a yield of 2 complete sets per sheet is obtained leaving virtually no waste material. The result is a durable and visually compelling product. Fold Tables are designed by Mike Gent in Sheffield, UK and manufactured using local fabrication expertise.

Weight 13 kg
Length 117 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 35 cm
Colour Red
Material Aluminium

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