Frame Sideboard 02 Small – 10 Colours – L115cm

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The rform “Frame Sideboard 02 Small” featured here comes with altogether three doors. For the transparent door you can choose between orange or blue (let us know which one you prefer via dropping us a message – if you don’t specify it we’ll select one of the two according to which colour fits better to the side panel colour you choose). While the bottom container of the sideboard itself is held in Snow White, for the top container the side panels can be ordered in many great colours: Snow White, Inky Black, Iris Blue, Stone Blue Grey, Foxy Orange, Canary Yellow, Palm Leaf Green, Cherry Red, Dusty Grey, and Butterfly Blue. The rform Frame Sideboard range comes in different variations and sizes. Variations are either two doors wide or three doors wide but all have in common that they come with additional doors. The two door wide versions come with altogether three doors (two non-transparent grid-patterned white doors and one coloured transparent door) and the three door wide versions with altogether five doors (three non-transparent grid-patterned white doors and two coloured transparent doors). The idea behind this is that the look of the sideboard can be varied. Either contents in the container can be hidden from view behind the non-transparent white doors or an additional splash of colour can be added to the sideboard by showing some of the contents through the coloured transparent door(s). The rform sideboards have been designed to go perfectly together with all rform furniture ranges to bring a sense of flow to every home for family-friendly living with high-design sensibilities. Material legs and top container surface: Birch plywood oiled / Material bottom container and side panels top container: Birch plywood with high-pressure laminate layer / Delivered well protected in a cardboard flat pack and eco-friendly cushioning materials Two year warranty. Suitable for interior use only. Requires assembly, instructions and fixtures included. Natural wood surfaces treated with oil finish. This finish seals the pores of the wood, enhancing its natural structure and forming a water repellent protection against everyday wear and tear. Well protected against water, juices, wine, milk,… Just clean it with a wet towel.

How Its Made

We have our workshop in Zingem, Belgium and create contemporary furniture to bring a sense of flow to your home… All our furniture is sustainably produced… For family-friendly living with high-design sensibilities… Buying from anywhere in the European Union? No problem! We… • …produce your furniture specially for you when you order it • …after 2-3 weeks we need for production, we ship it to you within a few days • …use established, reliable and fast shipping partners • …provide the option to return • …provide a two year warranty on all our products • …are also more than happy to answer your enquiries about possible customisation options for all rform products We are deeply invested in applying the sustainability principle to all our furniture. • For the production process, state-of-the-art production techniques are being employed that ensure great durability (which ultimately means the furniture has a prolonged life-cycle) and minimisation of waste during the manufacturing process • The furniture is exclusively made of birch plywood, sourced from certified sustainably managed forests in Scandinavia • Paints used are water-based and solvent free • The furniture is exclusively shipped in flat-packs (minimising space requirement during shipping), high-quality eco cardboard protects the furniture (no plastic and no foam) and also the tape used is eco friendly • Even the brand label that features every rform product is made from bio-degradable matter

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 115 x 40 x 70 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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