FreakishCLOCK Wall Clocks Black


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Product Description

Industrial designer Sabrina Fossi advocates that it is minute differences and details that distinguish objects. This approach enables sharp and innovative designs: her FreakishCLOCK Wall Clock is certainly an outstanding product. The young designer’s goal is to minimalize the time concept. Instead of having a standard hours hand, the entire face of the watch is a spinning disk with a hole in the shape of the hours hand. This allows you to see through the disc, into the actual face of the watch, which has numbers written on it. Material: Plastic (spinning disc) and Aluminium (dial clock) Origin: Italy – handmade Battery: AA Clock movement: Standard (sweep movement) Measurements: D 30.00 cm H 2.00 cm Weight: 0.50 kg *FreakishCLOCK Wall Clock must be mounted to a wall with a screw, not included. *For a proper operation, make sure that hour hand doesn’t friction on spinning disc.

How Its Made

Handmade in Italy / Florence

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 x 30 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Sold by Sabrina Fossi Design

Comments and Questions

  1. corstiaan (verified owner)

    I have order jour beautiful clock but I have a 10% discont code, but I have not see it in the order, my code is:
    corstiaan 28 May 2015 MTQzMjgzMTkxMjEzODA4 10 % 10 %

    Great from Corstiaan

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