3 Baby Alpaca Wool Cowl Collar GENTS


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Product Description

GENTS Baby Alpaca Wool Cowl Collar is the ultimate winter accessory for any man. It looks small and modest, but it can offer you everything a man needs when its cold. It is knitted of 80% baby alpaca and 20% cotton. Baby alpaca is one of the finest wools existing. It is unspeakably soft, 7 times warmer than any sheep wool, UV protective and absolutely non-itchy. Because baby alpaca wool contains no lanolin, it is hypo-allergic and very suitable for people with an allergy for wool. The scarf consists of two knitted layers of baby alpaca in classical colors, in combination with a fine, rusty cotton thread, resulting in a beautiful, rural, tweed appearance. The double layer makes the cowl more solid and twice as warm. Finally the cowl has been finished by a sturdy zipper with special stitches. You can style and wear the cowl in different ways depending on your needs. In open air, just pull the zipper up to your nose, and you will be cosy and warm. Entering a shop or cafe, unzip and thereby transform the cowl in a collar. Baby alpaca wool is thermo-regulating from – 20 to + 20 Celsius, so even inside the cowl will not be hot. If you decide to take the cowl off anyhow, it is small and light enough to put it in your pocket. The fancy stitch, with which the zipper is sewn to the cowl, gives it a refined, adorning accent. The look of these cowls reminds of the tweed suits English nobility wore outdoors. That is why they are called GENTS. The GENTS are available in 3 color variations: Duke, Sir and Lord. Baby Alpaca wool is very durable ,but to keep your alpaca products last longer I recommend the following : • Hand wash at 30 º C. or machine – wool program 30 º C. • Use enough water . • Do not use detergent with neutral pH or special wool detergent . • Wash gently in plenty of water – do not rub • Rinse in clean water with the same temperature as the wash water • Dry flat and in the right form, not in direct sunlight . • Never leave soaked to dry. Express excessive moisture. Avoid a layer that sucks and retents fluid ( eg a towel ) . The clothing could lose its natural elasticity . • Never use a dryer. • When ironing use a steam iron or an iron with a damp cloth in between. • Do not bleach. Hight: 20 cm / 7.87 ” Circumference: 46 cm / 18.11 ” Weight: 130 gramms

How Its Made

GENTS Baby Alpaca Wool Cowl Collar is made in my studio in Thorn, The Netherlands on manually operating knitting machines or by hand, of first class yarn.

Dimensions 30 x 18 cm(Length x Width x Height)
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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (UK)

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The Netherlands



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