Geometric Bag

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Product Description

The Geometric Leather Bag is the perfect eye-catching element of your daily outfit. It gives you enough space for all you “must haves” and let you easily combine it with everything because of its pure design.

How Its Made

The geometric leather bag is made out of high quality faux leather/ not real leather/imitation of leather textile as I am against of using genuine leather. It is fully lined inside. The bag does not have a zipper. I was always fascinated by the geometry, it is a main inspiration of mine and most of my designs has a geometric and minimalistic design.

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 2 x 44 x 68 cm(Length x Width x Height)


Sold by ATTITUDE157

Comments and Questions

  1. Monique Van Empel (verified owner)

    Hi there, today i received my two bags: the Geometric bags in black and purple. They are soooooo GREAT! I love them sooooo much. But the purple one has a button or snap closure and the black one does not. I think it might be a mistake? I want to be able to close my bags, so what can i do with the black one. Return it, that you send me a new one with closure?

    • Vessi

      Hey, there, I am glad that you love your bags. It is not a mistake. Please check the descriptions of the bag. The black geometric bag does not have a closure, the purple one has. The black geometric bag was the original design, I made just like a tote where you can put all your essentials. After that I made an upgrade model – the purple geometric bag, I changed the color and I decided to put the button. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hugs, Vessie

  2. Ina (verified owner)

    Never mind about the styles, Sofia, I just looked at your site and see the other items you offer.

    • Vessi

      Hello,Ina! You can check all my products here and on ATTITUDE157 facebook page. Thank you for your interest.

  3. Ina (verified owner)

    Well, I have to tell you that your design and the material used are truly fabulous! This is one of my favorite bags. Because of the light material, after what is placed in the bag, it does not feel heavy at all. Of course, I would not put anything that heavy in the bag. Is there a possibility for future designs in different colors and styles? Thank you again!

  4. Mia

    Is there a laptop-compartiment inside?

    • Vessi

      Hello, Mia! Thank you for your interest. No , there is no laptop – compartiment.

  5. Ina (verified owner)

    Fabulous design – so fabulous, I am ordering!

  6. Vessi

    It is good quality fake/faux/not real leather, it is imitation of leather 🙂

  7. Suzan Claesen

    Is it real leather?

    • Vesselena Marcheva

      No, it is not real leather. I am against using real leather for fashion products. 🙂

    • Suzan Claesen

      That is very good, so what material is it? Because in details it says that it is leather….

  8. Suzan Claesen

    Is this real leather?

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