Hide Pink Blanket

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Product Description

Hide Pink Blanket, part of the ‘Hide’ series represent vulnerability and protection. Today’s society is tough and does not approve of being vulnerable. But I think vulnerability can give you strength and protection. If you can show your vulnerability to someone, this person can offer you protection. I see a blanket as a metaphor for protection, that’s why I designed two blankets. They are inspired by skin, because skin is the border between our inner and the outside world: one fragile human skin and one thick and rigid elephant skin. The pattern is drawn by hand and then edited by computer. Therefore the pattern is unique and doesn’t repeat itself. To give the Hide Pink Blanket an organic feel I worked with three different colours of pink yarn: this creates a natural gradient and makes the colour different on each place. To enhance this effect I worked with natural and high quality yarns like mohair and linen. The blanket is woven with a flottated structure, this means that the yarns hang loose in some places. This makes the blanket fragile, but also lovely and warm. Dimensions: 2.30 X 1.65 meters  

How Its Made

The Hide Pink Blanket is woven with the industrial weaving machines of the TextielLab of the Textielmuseum in Tilburg. The grey blanket gets steamed with a steaming iron to active the special puff yarn: the yarn increases in volume and gives the blanket its depth and relief. Then the blanket gets a handmade finishing with a hand painted silk side. The last step is to package the blankets in hand sown and painted bags.  

Dimensions 165 x 230 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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