Hunter Wooden Hanger

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Product Description

The Hunter Wooden Hanger is part of a new series of sculptural coat hangers, in which I have been hunting for clichés, decay, beauty and rawness between left-overs in an urban environment. Collecting raw scrap wood and scraping the streets and bins, for new materials and ideas, The Hunter Hanger is a result of a cut-copy-paste research. With this series, I emphasize that aspect and combine kitsch iconography with sculptural art and functionality.

How Its Made

My works are based on personal fascinations for materials and their surroundings and how they relate to the zeitgeist and decay. The Hunter Wooden Hanger and my furnitures tell a story and has an attitude. Decay and decline is not necessarily a bad thing in my designs. The recognition of decay on both material and product, results in a down to earth product with a huge awareness of reality. I try to keep the whole production process in-house. I produce, distribute and sell my own products and a personal connection is a very important good, considering the tailor made items I make.

Dimensions 90 x 15 x 40 cm(Length x Width x Height)
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