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Kakemono • Rivage

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Product Description

Wood engraving hand printed. The preparatory work consists in observing, much, and being inspired daily. Everything can be inspiring when the senses are awakened. I always start a new pattern with a lot of spontaneity. I want to be sure of that.

How Its Made

Draw, engrave The starting point is the drawing, sometimes made directly on the wood, or more often transferred to the support. Then I engrave using gouges. According to the drawing, I engrave in relief (what is not drawn is removed) or in relief (the pattern is removed and will appear on a coloured background). Print The use of waterless paints is essential for this type of wood. The colour is spread over the engraving in very thin layers using a rubber roller. The regularity of the gesture ensures an almost uniform colouring. I am looking for a regular but also imperfect rendering, otherwise why printing by hand… The colour is transferred to the paper through pressure movements that I apply using a baren (Japanese stamp). No mechanical press in the workshop, everything is done by hand.

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