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Product Description

Keep On Dancing Babe reminds you to KEEP YOUR JOY UP ! In Greece, we are all dancers. Even when in trouble, it’s in our spirit to never stop dancing. Keep the dancing spirit with you – KEEP ON DANCING BABE –

How Its Made

Keep On Dancing Babe 3D Wall Decoration is inspired by OURANIA’S painting (which decorates our shop). Her unique dancing figures became metallic and came to life after a lasercut process.The result is a Contemporary 3D Work of Art that plays with light and shadows, retransforming your wall – affecting your living space. design: OURANIA implementation: tarapera

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Comments and Questions

  1. charalampos

    Hello Antoinette,
    thank you for choosing one of our favourite designs !
    – As you can see, in our [L]version, Gianni is 56cm tall, Sophia is 48cm and Andreas is 55cm tall *with a cost of 40 euros for each one

    – We also produce the [XL] version, where Gianni is 112cm tall, Sophia is 96cm and Andreas is 110cm tall *with a cost of 105 euros for each one (+10 euros shipping cost for each dancer)

    As you can imagine, this size is ideal for bigger spaces, like a hotel reception, a big living room e.t.c.

    We can also produce custom made design (our dancers in any different size you like, according to the needs of your place) …

    For example, we could suggest you a different size [L2] with the dancers being : Gianni 73cm tall, Sophia 63cm and Andreas 72cm tall *with a cost of 70 euros for each one (+10 euros shipping cost for each dancer)

    Now … about the colours: we prefer our dancers in white/mint/red/black, but you can also ask for a different colour that you like most (we just have to check out if we have the possibility to find it)

    We have to inform you that as these sizes are custom made, we will need about 10 working days to prepare your order.

    waiting to choose what is the best for you * best regards * happy new year * tarapera

  2. Antoinette van den Driessche

    Zijn deze dansende figuren ook in een grotere maat te krijgen

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