Knot Ring / Sterling Silver

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Product Description

The Knot ring is lightweight and comfortable. You can combine this design with another knot, led or twisted rings, on the same finger. Ideal to wear every day. The Knot ring has a lovely story. When my parents were dating, my father gave my mother a three-knot ring. My mom wore it for a long long time. When I and my sister grew up, my mom decided to split it and give each one of us a ring, and she kept the third one. So from that time on, we are attached to that knot and a lovely story. When you place your order, please mention the size (US measurement) or the inner diameter of the ring. Completely made in Sterling Silver. Weight: 0,6 gr Thickness: 0,1 cm Width: 0,3 cm Length: 0,8 cm

How Its Made

All the pieces are handmade in my atelier based in Den Haag. Sometimes I also design 3D pieces that I print and then cast, mainly in silver. But always the finishing of the jewelry is carefully handmade by myself.

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.08 cm(Length x Width x Height)

Product Type

Sold by Klenicki

Eliana Klenicki.
Ever since I was a little girl I felt passionate about architecture. It all started like a game: I loved drawing houses, fitting Legos as small buildings, building houses for my dolls. I studied Architecture at Universidad de Buenos Aires and having many study areas gave me the opportunity to understand that what I was eager to explore were not buildings, the greater structures: what I searched for always led towards the smaller scale. While studying Industrial Design I ventured towards Jewelry and I discovered that, unlike Architecture, Jewelry allowed me to participate all throughout the process: creative, research, layout and finally, development.

Both professions coexist within me, giving each other constant feedback, enabling the work of each one to be reflected on the other, allowing me to explore different realities.

My jeweler half takes me back to my childhood, where magic creativity turned, almost instantly, an idea into reality…

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