KUUB Geometric 2D Necklace

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Product Description

KUUB Geometric 2D Necklace gives the illusion of a 3D object. The minimalist design makes it suited for all occasions, both elegant and casual. Just a few lines create this spacious design. KUUB Geometric 2D Necklace comes in a beautiful packaging which makes it a great gift as well.

How Its Made

KUUB Geometric 2D Necklace is made out of a laser-cut figures from high quality molded acrylic with a special matte finish. The thin edges create a light and thin structure. The necklace is made out of a thin rhodium colored ball chain necklace.



Product Type

Sold by Studio Antal

Comments and Questions

  1. Ash

    Too bad no shipping to the USA 🙁

    • Antal Ruhl

      Dear Ash, I will open it up for the USA as well. I’ll notify you when it is done.
      Kind regards,


    • Ash

      😀 Thank you!!

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