Lamp M2 – A simple lamp which hides a secret inside

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Product Description

Lamp M2 – A simple lamp which hides a secret inside: Arrive to the simplicity is our goal in our vision of the design. M2 tries to achieve this goal. A simple lamp which hides a secret inside. Adaptable to any position because of the angular platten in its sides this lamp can be used as bookend or combine multiple lamps in the same platen to build new forms for your spaces. Anyway, M2 is thought for the user. Also the nylon-coated cable in different colours, makes this lamp customizable for any user. Dimmer Switch: Minimum load 5 Watts – Maximum load 60 Watts (White color)

How Its Made

Developing and manufacturing for M2 lamp has been one of our most exciting experiences to date into studio IRON&WOOD. Al our products are made in Spain. Lamp M2 is handmade of solid materials such as iroko wood and iron and neodymium magnets. Cable textile 1.5 metres and electric dimmer. Includes screw and dowels for the wall but not includes the bulb.

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