Lighting Bag White and Gray

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Product Description

This Lighting Bag made from natural wool felt, gives warm and golden light. Can be installed everywhere you want – attached to a wall, ceiling or doorway. Thanks to the long handles, you can playfully vary the way you to use the Lighting Bag and install everywhere you want. Adds warmth and cozy atmosphere to your living space. Bag: 20 cm – 7.8 inches long and 17 cm – 6.6 inches large. Handles: 80 cm – 31.5 inches long and 2 cm – 0.78 inches large. Made 90% from natural wool, 10% from polyester. Made in France. The garland lights is with a button on the box inside the lamp. Cable characteristics with batteries: 10 bulbs mounted on transparent LED cable Length of light: 1.26 m – 49.61 inches + 45 cm – 17.72 inches housing Total length: 1.71 m – 67.32 inches Cable – Battery Color box Battery: Transparent Operates 2 x AA Batteries Included Price for 1 lamp. Gift wrap included.

How Its Made

Ekaterina Galera is a France based artist, specializing in the creation of lamps in felted natural wool. Located in the south of France in Toulouse, she is, in her atelier, in a constant research for beauty and mastery of material. She combines natural fibers raw and colors ultra moderns, around a simple and refined line. The handmade work, and according to traditional methods of felting natural wool, confers a unique and high quality character to each creation! It is a nice gift to yourself or to any person, whom you love. Warm and soft – felted wool lamps can be excellent Christmas gifts. Cloud-lamps, lighting balls and felted light garlands will find their place as well to give some warmth to any living spaces, as to illuminate exceptional events.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 100 x 17 x 20 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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