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Product Description

lignaro. leaves a designer mark right away. However, the real clue is found underneath the tabletop. The table legs are attached by magnetic power – giving you the opportunity to remodel and even use lignaro. for different purposes! On the one hand, the table can be used as a classic dining table. But there is more: Since legs are designed in a well functional yet stylish shape, setting lignaro. up like a drawing table with a slightly sloped tabletop is just a quick handle. Long tests with different angles led to a kind 7.5° gradient. And we promise: This mode is not only for drawers. Especially working with your laptop becomes much more comfy, as the altered rest of your arms leads to more relaxed working position.

How Its Made

This variation of lignaro. table is truly special. We chose a sumptuous herringbone pattern to carve out the uniqueness of the over hundred years old oak wood from historical german timbered houses. The metal legs provide a solid stand and take care of the multipurpose use. All our furniture is handmade in Cologne-based sheltered workshops by handicapped people and contain a lot of history. Every piece is unique telling you his very own story.

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 200 x 90 x 76 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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