Lollipop Lamp

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Product Description

The Lollipop Lamp. Basically a cube, a pole and a sphere – simple ingredients that make for a well positioned desk lamp. Constructed from oak wood topped with a handmade, interchangeable polyurethane lampshade in an array of bright colors, the Lollipop Table Lamp bathes a room in an atmospheric glow during nighttime while producing a cone of light ideal for reading. The Lollipop Lamp can be enjoyed during daytime as well since its simple unobtrusive forms blend in perfectly with your existing furniture.

How Its Made

Lollipop Lamp is manufactured and assembled in my Berlin based studio and with the help of a carpenter friend of mine. Its main body and stick are made of solid oak wood which are carved out to accommodate the power supply. The lampshade is produced in my own plastic lab using 2 component polyurethane resin and a handcrafted rotational molding device. A process that is very similar to the manufacture of chocolate eggs. After the molding process each lampshade is sanded in three steps to achieve its typical silky soft surface. Every lamp comes with a 2 meter long textile cable in a color corresponding to that of the shade and is operated by a switch. IMPORTANT: Requires 14W Eco Halogen Bulb (available from Osram)

Dimensions 46 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Sold by Studio Ivan Kiss

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